Sports Earbuds Headsets With Microphone Bluetooth version 5.0

Sports Earbuds Headsets

Wireless earphones nowadays it’s changing the design upon the convenience and its quality to achieved satisfaction for the users. makes music more lovely. Sweat and sprinkle evidence can let you appreciate outside exercises. This headphone includes a super classy plan, perfect workmanship, lightweight and convenient, simple for you to convey. The dynamic loop double units structure will convey you completely clear sound. Compatible to Android and IOS Devices.

Product Specs:

Product model: Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth version: 5.0, HD binaural call

Transmission distance: barrier-free distance 10-15 meters

Product speakers: high-quality composite film copper ring speakers

Product chip: true three-dimensional chip

Water Proof: YES

Working hours: (3.5-4 hours)

Standby time of charging compartment: 30 days

Headphone battery capacity: pure cobalt 30 mAh

Charging room battery capacity: pure cobalt 260 mA (with IC protection board)

How to use?:

1. Turn on (pairing):

Open the lid of the charging room, the headset will automatically pair when it is turned on, or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on, and the blue light flashes three times when turned on

2. Charging prompt description:

1. When charging the headset using the charging room: the indicator light in the charging room lights up, and the indicator light goes out after the headset is fully charged

2. When charging the charging box using the data cable: the indicator light of the charging box slowly flashes white, and the indicator light of the charging box always turns white after being fully charged

3. Shutdown:

After putting the headset in the warehouse, please close the charging room cover, the headset will be closed, or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to turn off the headset.

(When the device is not connected, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes to save power)

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